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Juha Forsander is a Helsinki based video artist and a VJ. Commonly known as VJ Indigo, Juha has made visuals to countless music events, especially to underground techno raves and clubs. Besides techno clubs, Forsander enjoys photographing abandoned places and car wrecks. When lit with a flashlight, the car wrecks turn into a kind of living paintings that flicker to the rhythm of the music while projected into a wall. These living paintings can be seen besides Bending Light exhibition, in YLE Areena's program Betonisen ajan muistomerkit, where the rusty car wrecks and abandoned houses visualize Finnish ambient music.

Intro with Video

Janne Parviainen & VJ Indigo:
Enter the Void (2018)

Intro with Video

Hannu Huhtamo & VJ Indigo:
Mutation (2018)

Intro with Video

VJ Indigo:
Romu (2018)


Intro with Image

Video projection on apartment building, MatinFest, Matinkylä 2018